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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

We have examined many manufacturing companies and too often found the belief to be "If we have more data, we will do things better."  This leads to the assumption that a new ERP system will solve the problems.  You may not need a new system.


It is true that to be effective in today's competitive manufacturing environment, you must have an ERP system that supports your vision and your operations.  Your current system may not be working for you for one of the following reasons:

  • Implementation--System will work, but has not been implemented correctly
  • Compliance--People have created systems outside of the ERP system
  • Obsolete/Broken--System truly does not have the functionality you need 
We have seen many companies use an entry level accounting package along with a custom database and uncounted spreadsheets.  This creates islands of technology that prevent effective communication between departments, require company data to be entered multiple times and ensures that the data will never reconcile. 

Still other companies are paying very high annual maintenance fees, yet have not upgraded their software in years.

An effective system must:


  • Allow you to define the product you will bring to market 
  • Plan for what you need to make
  • Execute the plan to deliver the product to market


Using our Solution-centric Approach, we evaluate your needs then recommend the course of action your should take.  If you need a new ERP system, we can help you select one that best meets your needs and budget.  If a new system is unnecessary, we will tell you while helping you correct the problems that are preventing you from using your current system effectively.